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142 pages, full color

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Illegally Easy™ Halloween Costumes for Kids reviews

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"It is an attractive, professional looking book. The front and back covers do a good job telling potential readers what they will learn. It is nice that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Unicef. The first page 'visual index' is a good idea. Also clever and useful are the last minute, no sew costume ideas. The book is well organized and well thought out. The photography is of good quality and quite cute. The layout is attractive. Her instructions and tips are clear and concise. She does a quite thorough job telling readers exactly what they need, shortcuts, and step-by-step instructions, all in a friendly manner. I'm impressed by the amount of work it took to produce this book, and with all the author's experience. The author obviously has put a great deal of effort and time into this project, and her expertise and passion for the subject are evident throughout."

(Writer's Digest critique, 1st Place Winner, Reference category, of 2001 National Self-Published Book Awards.)

"Wow!! Great idea! The color pictures of the kids in the costumes are wonderful!! The visual index in the front of the book is excellent!"

(Critique from the judges of Benajmin Franklin Awards, sponsored by Publishers Marketing Association)

"Costume design book is a real Halloween treat. This definitely is the best sewing book I've ever seen for home-ec dropouts and procrastinators."

(Ina Hughs, The Knoxville News-Sentinel, Tennessee)

"Book makes it easy to assemble Halloween costumes that boos and ghosts will love."

(Winnipeg Free Press)

"Be a costume wizard this Halloween. Do you need to scare up a bewitching costume in one evening? Leila Peltosaari will show you how in her new book, Illegally Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids."


"Great Halloween costumes can lift spirits. A Halloween costume is so much more than a single night's getup. Peltosaari's advice is to make each year's costume count. In addition to the happy memories, it will allow parents and children to spend some valuable, creative time together."

(Samantha Critchell, Associated Press News Wire, New York)

"Sew Easy for Halloween."

(Canadian Living)

"I can't tell you how impressed I was with your book, Halloween Costumes for Kids! The patterns are indeed simple and well laid out. The color photographs you have used throughout the book, are reason enough to purchase it. I am genuinely impressed with your talent and your book!"

(Kim McIlwaine, Segment Producer for Sue Warden CraftScapes, fusiontelevision.on.ca., a partial reprint from her email with permission)

"Creative inspiration with Ah Ha! tips that anyone can do. Sam (age 5) and Kate (age 3) have been so excited about this book 'reading' every page over and over and taking it to bed with them! Kate has memorized the names of each costume and has been able to ask and describe a combination of costumes that she has imagined for herself! This book is wonderful for inspiring creative imagination and the costume tips and patterns are easy and versatile enough for you to whip up an original costume with very simple inexpensive ingredients."

(amazon.com site review from Karen, Mississauga, ON)

"Outstanding. Illegally Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids is the best I have seen on this topic. The full color photographs of the costumes, complete with makeup, are spectacular. The directions are thorough and easy to follow."

(amazon.com site review by tlcpress, Edmonton, AB)