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No-Sew Version
Wear black sweatsuit; temporarily baste the decorations to the costume. Hotglue the helmet seams.


Free Ninja Pattern from Illegally Easy™ Halloween Costumes for Kids.

Highly trained in the martial arts, a ninja is a member of a feudal Japanese society of secret agents. Children in the West are fascinated with the martial art characters they see in popular movies and cartoons.

What you need
Sizes small 3-4 years old (medium 6-8 years old) large 10-12 years old.

  • Black Polarfleece for top, pants, helmet, facescarf lining, and treat bag, 60" (150cm) wide: 2 1/8 yds. (2.00m) 3 yds. (2.70m) 3 3/8 yds. (3.10m).
  • Metallic fabric, 45" (115cm) wide): 1 yd. (1.00m) 1 yd. (1.00m) 1 yd. (1.00m).
  • Small piece of Velcro for helmet.
  • Needle and thread
  • Cord for a drawstring.
  • Plastic sword.
  • Small piece of self-adhesive vinyl for treat bag decoration.

Top and pants (see pattern)

From metallic fabric, cut decorative patches for sleeve ends and top front. Baste the patches temporarily in place. From metallic fabric, cut a long sash to tie around waist and long strips to tie around ankles. Tuck a plastic sword under sash.

Helmet (see pattern)

Stitch center panel between the two side pieces, both layers separately. With right sides facing, stitch the two completed helmets together around front edge, including the flap, leaving lower edge open. Cut corners, clip curves, and turn right side out. Topstitch lower edges together. Stitch a piece of Velcro to flap ends.

Facescarf (see pattern)

Cut one scarf from metallic fabric and one from Polarfleece for a comfortable lining. With right sides facing, stitch the straight top edges together. Turn right side out. Tie as shown.

Treat bag (see pattern)

Draw a design such as a typical ninja posture or the yin-and-yang symbol on paper backing of self-adhesive vinyl. Cut it out, peel off the paper, and apply the decoration onto the bag.