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College Cuisine is a basic, sensible cookbook with simple, fast and inexpensive recipes. [Peltosaari] believes that once students learn the most basic cooking skills it will serve them for life.

(Canadian Press)

College Cuisine is a small gold mine of information... one of the most comprehensive books I have read. It's simply written and reads as if Mama is standing there helping you through each step. This book not only give such important information as equipment, staples for pantry, cooking terms, conversion tables, and substitutions, it teaches how to shop, tells how to correct mistakes, gives safety tips and describes clever techniques for easy cleanups. I find the charts on the shelf life of perishables very useful. Another section gives recipes to use up certain foods and leftovers before they go bad. I enjoyed reading College Cuisine from cover to cover and found the simple, easy to prepare recipes extremely tasty. The Crunchy Granola Cakes were rather plain looking but bursting with flavor. The Cheese Biscuits were light-textured and could give Shirley Corriher's famous famous biscuits a run for their money! My favorite recipe is the assertive, addictive green beans called Eat-Them-Like-Fries. College Cuisine is a must-buy book for everyone. It would make a marvelous gift for beginner cooks as well as old kitchen-pros with shrinking households.

(Betsy Oppenneer, From Betsy's Kitchen, The Breadworks, Inc.)

Don't let students leave home without this cookbook.

(Della Radcliffe, Home economist, Farmlife)

There is, indeed, life after take-out pizza. College Cuisine is a user-friendly cookbook of easy, fast, cheap and nutritious recipes. Students don't want to blow phone-bill or Thursday-night-bar money on cooking. Peltosaari recognized how thin students' wallets can be — that's what prompted her to write the book. All the recipes are economical, with some costing pennies per serving.

(The Gazette, Montreal)

Making own meals saves college kids thousands of dollars.

(The Daily Courier, Kelowna, BC)

My son went off to University thinking he knew it all. It appears he is very hungry. Your College Cuisine could be redemption.

(Bev Hoskins, Edmonton, AB)

College Cuisine is the ideal cookbook for any young person beginning independent living. It contains all the basic information one needs to furnish a kitchen, stock a pantry, cook nutritionally for oneshelf, and entertain others - all at a modest cost. The author assumes no pre-existing knowledge or talent, and makes the learning process easier by providing a glossary of cooking terms, safety tips, shopping advice, and substitution tables. To ensure that nothing goes to waste, there is a listing of the shelf life of many products, recipes for perishables and leftovers, and many practical tips scattered throughout the book. There are more than 150 recipes, which cover all the usual categories. All the recipes specify preparation and cooking times, and list ingredients in both metric and imperial measures. Most have icons indicating main characteristics, such as cheap, fast, microwavable, vegetarian, and good for crowds. A coiled binding enables the book to lie flat when in use. This otherwise invaluable guide would have benefited from a larger format, permitting slightly bigger print and greater spacing in the ingredint list.

(Arlene Gryfe, dietician and nutritionist, Canadian Book Review Annual)

College Cuisine is absolutely the best little cookbook. I am ordering 8 more copies.

(Elsie Crocker, Minitonas, MB)

It's like having a mom in your kitchen.

(Jean Dick, Swalwell, AB)

I think your cookbook can rach a much bigger audience than the students: bachelors, freshly divorced men [...] and all people on the go, with no time to cook and on a tight budget.

(Patricia Goyette, Montreal, QC)

Please send your College Cuisine to my daughter at University. I've seen her pantry! She definitely needs help!

(Susan Shepherd, Mississauga, ON)

Our son will be entering University next year and is determined to get away from home. Your book sounds like a perfect gift for him.

(Clair Love, Scarborough, ON)

Your College Cuisine is such a fun reading book and full of delightful recipes. My husband and I (both 78 years) like to take the easy way when preparing our meals. I wouldn't part with my copy for anything.

(Dorothy Woodcock, Prescott, AZ)

Please send me ten copies. The ladies in my T'ai Chi group are back to cooking for one or two. They liked your book since most of their books are from when they were cooking for a family. Another thing they liked was the use of the kind of ingredients you are apt to have. We are all pre-gourmet and aren't interested in recipes which call for some exotic ingredient we may never use again.

(Aili T. Brown, Lindsay, ON)

I think your cookbook is wonderful. I have so many grand nieces and nephews of college age, I am sending for ten of them.

(Iva Dorey, Weyburn, SK)

What a great graduation gift!

(B. M. Challacombe, Don Mills, ON)

My grandson will be moving into his own apartment. He can cook the odd thing now but I'm sure he will need your College Cuisine cookbook to save him from malnutrition or starving to death.

(Gladys V. Saint, Regina, SK)

The two granddaughters are very happy & more than satisfied. The older one has made quite an impression with your College Cuisine amongst other students and also made more friends at University.

(Walter Drummond, Carignan, QC)

I have received the copy of College Cuisine which I ordered for my son and I like it so much I'd like a copy for myself.

(J. Konopski, Minnedosa, MB)

I received a similar cookbook when I first moved out, but the recipes in College Cuisine are a lot more concise and seem like real meals, and not thrown together fast foods. The recipes are for actual meals rather than just throwing a sauce on pasta, and they are easy to follow.

(Frank Landry, Red River, MB)

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