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Hey Kids... Let's Make Gifts Cover

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103 pages

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Hey Kids... Let's Make Gifts!

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by Leila Peltosaari
ISBN 1-896106-00-5

Sample giftThis large-format, user-friendly book shows children how to make unique keepsake treasures all year round for all occasions. Detailed instructions, simple line drawings, and color photographs will guide you step by step. There is pleasure in the making and even more pleasure in the giving. Kids can make dozens of gifts for just pennies each.
  • Picture frames
  • Delicate snowflake angels
  • Charming gift baskets
  • "Stained glass" sun catchers
  • Paper weights
  • Memo boards
  • Magnets
  • Handy magazine bins
  • Practical book box
  • Elegant "silver" reindeers
  • Pretty Christmas decorations
  • Easter bunny baskets
  • Aromatic Scandinavian spice wreaths
  • Adorable bigfoot gnomes
  • Doorknob decorations
  • Cork cuties, angels, and gnomes
  • And more...