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...outstanding ...very useful ...very well laid out in regard to both text and illustration ...enjoying it very much ...excellent.

(Ernie Coombs, the host of Mr. Dressup, the beloved Canadian TV-program for children, running for three decades, recently retired.)

I like this book so much I made five of the gifts on the first day I got it... Awsome... I can't wait to make some of the great Christmas gifts. My teacher wants some of the ideas for the art class too. My Nan always says the gifts she really likes most are those I make myself. A book to enjoy and use over and over and over again.

(Mark Stacey, age 8, Book Club Reviews in Growth Spurts Magazine)

A keeper for kids... Good, budget-wise, new projects for children... If you are a Scout leader, teacher, day care provider, or busy parent looking for inexpensive but worthwhile projects for children, send for this book -- immediately.

(Marjie Douglis, Star-Tribune, Minneapolis , Minnesota. Marjie is an award-winning handicrafter who has written and reviewed crafts, articles, and books.)

...easy crafts ...easy-to-follow instructions and clearly labeled diagrams ...requiring minimum adult supervision ...leads to attractive creations. Highly recommended.

(Joan Weller, Canadian Children's Literature by Canadian Review Book Annual. Joan Weller is the head librarian at the Ottawa Public Library and the children's literature reviewer for the Ottawa Citizen.)

...dozens of adorable, kid-tested ideas and instructions to make welcome gifts for any occasion ...easy-to-read language in large print.

(Ann Price Gosch, Media Marketplace, Sew News)

This book offers dozens of craft ideas with the three qualities most parents want --they're easy to make, they use materials you already have in the house, and the results won't be embarrassing if you take them to work and put them on your desk.

(Keri Sweetman, Just Kidding column, The Ottawa Citizen)

Moms everywhere will adore these homemade gifts.

(Robin Harvey, Passions & Pastimes column, Toronto Star)

A fantastic new book with gift ideas children can make without spending a pile of money at a craft supply store.

(Della Radcliffe, Home Ec., advisor for Grainews /FarmLife magazine)

... simple step-by-step instructions ... makes crafts easy for both young and older children.

(Fionna N. Boyle, Home & School)

My grandchildren and I especially like this book... it makes a nice gift for anyone who works with children.

(Shirley Edis, 'Grandmas Column' in Golden Years)

Do parents still talk about having quality time with their children? I have just received a book which will not only give you loads of that, but will also give children an opportunity to express their creativity without costing you a lot of money.

(Cathy McKeever, The Oshawa Time Focus)

...easy-to-read instructions, colour photographs and clear line drawings show your kids how to turn ordinary household items into priceless treasures. This book will keep young crafters busy for zillions of fun-filled hours.

(Crafts Plus, New Releases column)

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