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    Halloween Book Cover


    Dancing With Fear
    Tips and Wisdom from Breast Cancer Survivors.
    by Leila Peltosaari

    A voice of many, brief glimpses into breast cancer journey of 125 survivors, all celebrating good years and even decades of survival. Non-medical and an easy read about a difficult subject.
    Perfect binding, 224 pages
    Amazon ebook: Dancing With Fear: Tips and Wisdom from Breast Cancer Survivors


    Halloween Book Cover


    Illegally Easy™ Halloween Costumes For Kids
    100 costumes with simple patterns, no-sew shortcuts, last-minute solutions, treat bags & accessories.
    by Leila Peltosaari

    A full-color guide to create lasting Halloween memories. 76 main costumes plus 24 last-minute ideas.
    ISBN 1-896106-03-X, perfect binding, 142 pages, full color
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    Halloween Booklet Cover


    Halloween Costumes For Kids
    24 last-minute solutions.
    by Leila Peltosaari

    Stapled. Inside pages with black and white drawings, 8 pages
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    College Cuisine


    College Cuisine
    Easy, Cheap, Fast, Nutritious Recipes for Students
    by Leila Peltosaari
    Illustrations by Julie Northey.

    A beginner's lively first cookbook and kitchen companion for students, bachelors, and retired singles. Over 150 great recipes and useful cooking information to tame the kitchen.
    ISBN 1-896106-01-03, spiral binding, 123 pages
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    Hey Kids... Let's Make Gifts!  

    Hey Kids... Let's Make Gifts!
    50 Easy Ideas to Make Keepsake Treasures
    by Leila Peltosaari

    This large, user-friendly book shows children how to make unique gifts all year round for all occasions. Detailed instructions, simple line drawings, and color photographs will guide you step by step.
    ISBN 1-896106-00-5, perfect binding, 103 pages
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    Other books by Leila Peltosaari  

    These back titles by Leila Peltosaari Albala are now out of print. The sewing books will be available soon from www.patterngirl.com.

    Timeless, comfortable garments with simple patterns.

    Easy Sewing for Infants

    70 patterns for 0-24 month-olds
    ISBN 0-921993-00-5
    Perfect binding, 128 pages

    Easy Sewing for Children

    75 patterns for 3-10 year-olds
    ISBN 0-921993-01-3
    Perfect binding, 136 pages

    Easy Sewing for Adults

    78 patterns for women and men,
    sizes small, medium, and large
    ISBN 0-9691932-5-4
    Perfect binding, 120 pages

    Easy Halloween Costumes for Children

    60 costumes for 3-12 year-olds
    and 14 last-minute costumes
    ISBN 0-9691932-7-0
    Perfect binding, 128 pages

    Costumes d'Halloween pour enfants

    60 costumes, 3-12 ans
    et 14 suggestions de dernière minute
    ISBN 0-9691932-6-2
    French edition
    Perfect binding, 128 pages

    "Hallelujah at long last." (Cathy Stuart)
    "... more useful than all my other sewing books." (Lise Aumais)
    "Goldmine of information." (Canadian Review Book Annual)
    "Indispensable." (Booklist)

    Catalogue of Canadian Catalogues

    Shop at home from over 1000 mail order sources
    Bi-annual, six editions, 168 pages, perfect binding

    "Most impressive and thoroughly a well-done job." (Dow Jones)
    "Just what we need here in the bush." (Cindilla Trent)
    "It's a cat's meow." (Ella M. Bourne)
    "This catalogue will simplify my life." (B. Gordon)


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